RAM Host

Terms of Service / Acceptable Use Policy / Service Level Agreement for all shared hosting clients/customers of RAM Host

(What You Can and Can't Do On Your Account...)

NOTE: This only applies to shared hosting clients on our cPanel based services.

If you have a Virtual Dedicated Server with us your ToS is over here.

In general, you are free to use the service for anything with a genuine purpose that isn't illegal.

You are FORBIDDEN from putting any content that is related to the following:

Phishing of any entity, including, but not limited to: eBay, PayPal, banks, government agencies, etc. Phishing occurs when a scam artist creates a fake site that looks like it belongs to a company or other entity that is real and tricking the visitor into entering their personal information. Anything created with an intent to deceive, or any other malicious intent, is strictly forbidden.

Attempting to hack/crack into someone elses account This includes, but is not limited to, brute force or dictionary attacks via FTP, SSH, the Web Control Panel, or any other means of login; using this server as a launchpad to hack into another server, etc.

Intentionally Causing a Denial of Service We understand that web sites can be busy, but if a few IP addresses are requesting the same file every few seconds over and over again, or if you install a CGI script that does nothing but count to a very large number, then you will be suspended.

Piracy, Copyright/Trademark,Patent Infringement, storing/using illegal files. Includes software/serials/cracks/scripts/warez. Do not use our service to infringe on someone elses copyright or intellectual property! No warez linking sites! No stealing! No leaking secrets! No replica sites (see the fishing/scam/fraud section).

IRC - Internet Relay Chat
Shared Customers: Running any kind of IRC client/server is not allowed.

Pornography. Child Pornography: naked people under 18 years old; falls under the same category as "no illegal files!"

Be advised that adult pornographic material is allowed provided you have proper record keeping and otherwise are in full compliance with US law and is legal in Texas, USA where the server is located.

Having incorrect name or address filed on your account. For regulatory, accounting, and tax purposes we require accurate contact information about our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q, Can I Host A Chat Rooms / IRC bot?
A. Chat rooms are fine however nothing IRC related is permitted.

Q. Can I Host Peer-2-Peer File Sharing (eg: BitTorrent) Scripts/Tracker, including, but not limited to: opentracker, BlogTorrent, PHPBTTracker+, TorrentFlux, RapidLeech, etc?
A. No. These kinds of scripts are strictly forbidden due to their being extremely CPU and bandwidth intensive.

Q. Am I allowed to use my account to store backup or other large files?

A. Yes, provided you don't exceed your disk usage or data transfer quotas, and provided the files don't violate these terms.

Q. Am I allowed to host an image hosting script (like imageshack.us, flickr.com, imgur.com etc) where it allows my visitors to upload images?

A. Yes, image hosting scripts are permitted.

Remember, you are responsible for everything on your account (including what users of your web site upload).

Q. Am I allowed to host an video hosting script (like youtube.com, etc) where it allows my visitors to upload videos?

A. Yes, running a youtube or clip-share like script is fine provided it doesn't cause a resource abuse problem.

Remember, you are responsible for everything on your account (including what users of your web site upload).

Q. Am I allowed to use my site for money-making purposes?

A. Yes, as long as it doesn't involve selling something illegal or violate these terms.

Q. Am I allowed to host a script that sends a lot of email?

A. Within reason. To prevent abuse each account is limited to 200 outgoing emails per hour. Also, using this service to send unsolicited email (otherwise known as SPAM) is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate account suspension.

Q. Am I allowed to host a proxy script like CGIProxy, PHPProxy, Glype, etc?

A. This is allowed for private, personal use only. Proxy scripts open to the general public are forbidden.

Q. Can I use the proxying / tunneling / port forwarding / vpn features of OpenSSH with the shared hosting service?

A. No. The "SSH Shell Access" is provided strictly for shell access only. Per standard industry practice none of the obscure tunneling vpn features are enabled for security reasons as this allows users to bypass our firewalls and resource quotas. If you want something to run an SSH proxy tunnel through, we offer a ssh socks tunneling service specifically for that purpose that is run on seperate servers and doesn't interfere with our shared hosting service. Or you can get one of our virtual dedicated servers if you want to do this.

Q. Are porn/adult sites allowed?

A. With limitation, adult sites are allowed so long as they are in full compliance with US laws.

Child pornography is strictly forbidden. Do not store, transmit, create, or examine any pictures, realistic or not, of humans, anthropomorphic depictions of human-like creatures, or images suggesting humans that are under the age of 18 years in an either implied or actual pornographic picture.

Pornography and sex-related merchandising are permitted provided it is legal in the state of Texas, the country of the United States of America. This includes sites that may infer sexual content, or links to pornography elsewhere. Nude "art" is permitted.

Q. Is my personal info safe with you? Are you going to sell my contact information?

A. Your personal information is safe. See our privacy policy for more information.

Q. Do you have CPU resource quotas?

A. We don't have firm cpu quotas however if you are generating a very large amount of cpu usage we may ask you to lower your usage.

Also, abusive scripts (such as a script that does nothing but count to a large number, or any benchmarking scripts) are strictly forbidden.

Q. What languages do you allow / support?

A. Your web site can be in any language you want (multiple languages too).

RAM Host itself only supports English (this applies to, but is not limited to, things like support and the web based control panel). We don't speak anything else here.


If you agree you may proceed to the Shared Hosting Signup Page.