RAM Host

RAM Host Terms of Service for Virtual Dedicated Server Customers

Phishing of any entity, including, but not limited to: eBay, PayPal, banks, government agencies, etc. This activity is strictly forbidden. Phishing occurs when a scam artist creates a fake site that looks like it belongs to a company or other entity that is real and tricking the visitor into entering their personal information. Anything created with an intent to deceive, or any other malicious intent, is strictly forbidden.

Attempting to hack/crack into someone elses account/server/network. This includes, but is not limited to, brute force or dictionary attacks via FTP, SSH, or any other means of login; using this server as a launchpad to hack into another server, etc. This kind of activity is strictly forbidden.

Intentionally Causing a Denial of Service: We understand that your server may become busy, but if a few ip addresses are opening hundreds of connections, or if you install a program that consumes 100% of your allocated cpu, disk, or other shared I/O resource for an extended period of time, we reserve the right to throttle you back. 99.9% of people never come anywhere close to the limits we have in place. In addition, if your vps is the target of ingress network attacks that we reserve the right to suspend, null-route, and/or terminate your services with us without notice as we see fit to protect our infrastructure. If your vps is the repeated target of network attacks you will be terminated as we will not permit a single vps to cause repeated service disruption for our other clients on our network.

Piracy, Copyright/Trademark,Patent Infringement, storing/using illegal files. Includes software/serials/cracks/scripts. Do not use our service to infringe on someone elses copyright or intellectual property rights.

Unsolicited Bulk Email / SPAM: Every 24 hours we check all our IP allocations against the UCEProtect, Spamhaus, Sorbs, and Spamcop DNS RBLs. If your VPS IP address appears in any of the aforementioned lists outgoing port 25 (the smtp port) may be blocked. You must then cease the activity that caused the listing and contact us to request unblocking of the port or the block will remain in place.

Pornography: Child Pornography - naked people under 18 years old; this material is strictly forbidden. Adult pornographic material is allowed provided you have proper record keeping and are otherwise are in full compliance with US law and the prevailing law where the server is physically located.

Having incorrect name or address filed on your account. For regulatory, accounting, and tax purposes we require accurate information about our customers. You will be expected to provide truthful information and update it should it change. If you falsify your contact details your services with us may be suspended or terminated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Host A Chat Rooms / IRC bot?Yes, IRC servers, clients, and bouncers are allowed in all locations. All IRC actvities are restricted to private, non-commercial use in all locations. Any use of IRC that causes network attacks and/or service disruptions will not be tolerated.

Can I run BitTorrent software? These programs download/upload torrents to our servers. You may use these, but only if the files you download with them are legal under United States law. Peer to peer is tolerated however you are requested to throttle yourself to 5 mbps (~500 KB/s) on all peer-to-peer and torrent traffic due to the heavy I/O caused by using BitTorrent softwares.

Am I allowed to host a proxy? Non-Public (ie, subscription) Proxies are fine. Using our service to host anonymous public proxies, such as tor, is forbidden. Public proxy websites are an exception and are allowed.

Is porn/adult content allowed? With limitation, adult content is allowed at all our locations so long as it is in full compliance with US and local laws. Child pornography is strictly forbidden. Do not store, transmit, create, or examine any pictures, realistic or not, of humans, anthropomorphic depictions of human-like creatures, or images suggesting humans that are under the age of 18 years in an either implied or actual pornographic picture. Pornography and sex-related merchandising are permitted provided it is legal under United States law and the law of the location where your server is physically located. This includes sites that may infer sexual content, or links to pornography elsewhere. Nude "art" is permitted.

Do you have CPU resource quotas? On all our plans, CPU is allocated as fair-share, which means you are able to burst up to the entire capacity of the server if nobody else is using the CPU. However, we reserve the right to throttle your CPU quota if your usage causes a disruption to other clients on the same machine as you or causes a disruption to the stability of the host system. Also note that due to the nature of fair share CPU usage programs designed to saturate the CPU, such as BOINC, Distributed.net, Crypto Coin Mining, and other similar programs, are forbidden on this service.


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