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Note: you will find more problems/questions and solutions/answers on our forum.

How Can I Setup Reverse DNS?
At this time reverse DNS PTR record updates must go through our support staff - open a support ticket and we will update reverse DNS for you.

How can I change my VPS hostname (/etc/hostname) or /etc/resolv.conf - changes I make are lost when I reboot!

Due to the virtualization technology you aren't able to change your default dns resolvers or your vps hostname - open a support ticket and we will make the changes for you.

Can You Enable A SWAP Partition?
Due to the way OpenVZ works we are unable to support any SWAP memory. We provide burstable memory instead which behaves similar to how swap space would behave.

TUN/TAP Breaks when I Reboot?
Sometimes this may happen. We have a cron job on the host servers that automatically fixes this issue each hour. The only solution is to wait until the system automatically fixes that.

How Do I Cancel?
Your service contract is for the duration of your billing period. Thus, simply don't renew your service contract (ignore your next bill) and the system will automatically terminate your service with us.

If you have multiple services with us and you do not wish to cancel all of them, then contact us identifying the service to be terminated.

I Can't Login To SSH - It says my credentials are invalid or doesn't even respond at all!
This is the most common question we get - even though we put it in your welcome email and added a link at the bottom of the vps control panel, some people simply refuse to read our ssh console login instructions.

The short version of the login procedure is as follows:

1) Connect via SSH to the machine IP (shown in the control panel)
2) Login as user vz with password vz
3) At the prompt, login using the credentials for the web control panel.

And that's it. You will be dropped into the root account of your VPS
 - go ahead and configure ssh for direct login now if you want :)