RAM Host

For KVM VPS Hosting Customers Only

How Can I Setup Reverse DNS?
At this time reverse DNS PTR record updates must go through our support staff - open a support ticket and we will update reverse DNS for you.

I Can't Login To SSH - It says my credentials are invalid or doesn't even respond at all!
Have you logged in to the KVM Control Panel, installed an Operating System, configured the network, and installed sshd?

How Do I Install My OS

  1. Login to the KVM Control Panel
  2. Click OS Reload.
  3. Select the OS you want and confirm the reload.
  4. Click Console
  5. Perform the installation and configuration of your server as you would for a normal installation of your OS. Refer to the documentation for the OS you want to use for this information.

What are my network settings? I need to know my gateway, subnet mask, broadcast, and dns servers!

Network settings are on the main page of the KVM Control Panel.
There you will find your IP (IP addresses), GW (gateway), and NET (netmask). It is recommended to 
statically configure your network interface with these settings rather than rely on automatic network configuration.

For DNS resolvers you can specify Google and Level 3 public DNS resolvers, and

Installing my OS from scratch is too difficult - can you install it for me?
Yes, we can install it for you. Please submit a support request if you want this done for you. There is no additional charge for having us install your OS for you.

How Do I Cancel?
Your service contract is for the duration of your billing period. Thus, simply don't renew your service contract (ignore your next bill) and the system will automatically terminate your service with us.

If you have multiple services with us and you do not wish to cancel all of them, then contact us identifying the service to be terminated.